February 27, 2011

teguh pendirian

hello guys. oh its really a hard time for me. i don't know what i'm doing now. i miss him. i need him. i want him badly. it is so lame. lame marlia. please wake up and move on. you supposed to be happy. free your mind. free yourself. get free. come on. 

no more tears. please, it is just to late to correct those things. lets move on. memory is still being memory. it won't change. do not turn back. accept what had happened as he accept and happy with his life now. you have your friends. you are not lonely. you have your family and specially you have him as one of your friends too.

be strong be tough. let gone one chapter of your life and start a new chapter. don't depend on anything that you sure you won't get. i'm too tired to be be like this. don't play around. make it clear dear. you give me hope. you brighten my days. yes you are. thank you. but it make me become miserable. i get my old you. yes you who i love. the old you. i like you too much dear :( don't you know?

i love you. i like you too much. i hate you at the same time. i miss you. i hate you. i hate you dear. :'((


Nasuha Salleh said...

memang sakit
pernah rasa mcm ni...ambil masa 2 tahun gk nk lupekan
ape2 pon..yg penting kite kena kuat..!

~marlia maya~ said...

tu laaa~cik marlia pecaya time will heal :) tq nasuha :)