October 20, 2011

woman's dignity

hello guys. hari ni cik marlia rasa sangat exhausted and some of you yang follow story cik marlia can predict why la kan. so balik kelas dengan keadaan mata yang bengkak terus rasa nak tidur. tak fikir lain da. since dapat cuti from solat so memang awal awal da target paling lewat i have to wake up at 4pm. 

but one thing, and I hate this so much, at around 3 camtu he texting me forwarding her sms. and what i'm suprising about is what the hell does she want from me anymore. i really regret sebab i know her. serious. i wanna make friends but i didn't expecting this to happen too. 

what else does she want from me. i keep on thinking that question over and over again. does me being a reason if she want him to reply your text. if so, don't make story that never be happened. and i don't want you to call me anymore. knowing people like you is wasting time and doesn't make use pun. 

i use my phone just to reply necessary text jer pun and why on earth i have to text you. there's nothing good pun i can get from you. if you think you can tell my bad to him, then just go on. its all depend on him rather to believe me or you. if and only if he believes in you, i still believe that Allah will always be with me. 

i don't care. you can say whatever you want, telling people how bad i am and don't worry you just showing how bad you are by telling others bad. 

hey sis, i will not forgive you for what you have done to me, making my life so miserable that i can't get up anymore thinking of that matter until you really regret for what had happened and i want you to ask me by yourself. 

and one more thing, if you are not satisfied with me why on earth eh you have to ask him to tell me. you have my number, and you like to disturb my life then why should you ask him to tell me. tell me by yourself la. baru laaa gentle. Allah knows the best about His servant and i'm hoping that you will feel and know how i feel at this moment insyaAllah

you are hurting your heart by texting him. believe me. stop doing that because you show him and me your bad attitude. pity you. 

please take care of our dignity as woman. 


princess said...

setuju sgt2 dgn marlia . perempuan perlu jge maruah , then only kte akan lebih dihormati . kann ? :)

~marlia maya~ said...

yuppp if and only if we had done mistakes,it is not too late to go back to the right path right :)

princess said...

agree . Allah is always there to forgive us : )

~marlia maya~ said...

yuppp..tq princess :)

hazirah maulizan said...

maya, cek la blog aku. aku ade tag ko something :)

~marlia maya~ said...

okkkkk....sorry lmbat...a lil bit busy this week ;)

hazirah maulizan said...

hehe. its okay :)