July 18, 2011


hye guys. its been my depression day :(

not because my own problem but my friend's problem.

i just need opinion. I've already got some opinion but still i can't make an exact decision

can you guys at least make way for me to make final conclusion??

ditelan mati mak diluah mati bapak. that is what i feel right now righ here.

my friend, one of best got some problem and need my help by transferring an amount of rm2k

if you were in my place would you give him?

eventhough you are not helping with 2k would you help with smaller amount of that?

and the important part is he did not tell you even one reason why does he need that such amount.

please do help me people :(


hazirah maulizan said...

maya. jgn!!! 2k is too much. plus he's a guy. slagi die xbg reason y, jgn bg tau2.

~marlia maya~ said...

heeee ^^ entry lme laaa yanggg :) xbg pun...dun w0rry